Collaboration of Technology Development and Energy Reliability

With the increasing needs for technology, the existence of companies engaged in reliable information technology is certainly needed to answer increasingly diverse business challenges.

PT PGAS Telekomunikasi Nusantara or PGNCOM is present as one of the providers of fiber optic networks with large capacity and reliable networks, and is affordable to various domestic and international industries.

Established on January 10, 2007, PGNCOM, which is a subsidiary of PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), offers a variety of ICT services, ranging from connectivity, managed services, to business solutions that can be utilized by all companies, from large corporations to Small Medium Enterprises (SME).

Laras Setyo Wibowo as President Director of PGNCOM said that the history of PGNCOM's establishment began when PGN deployed gas pipelines throughout Sumatra, from Lampung to Singapore, as well as deploying fiber optic cables on the side of the gas pipeline.

By doing this, PGN can measure in real time how much gas flows through these pipes. Since then, PGNCOM has a vision to become a reliable and leading provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services, given the right to manage fiber optics as a connectivity segment, as well as to serve all matters relating to ICT needs in the PGN Group.

As time goes by, PGNCOM not only provides services in the telecommunications sector, but also manages asset management automation system (SCADA) applications, to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Innovation-Based Transformation

Laras said, PGNCOM is guided by 3C in developing innovations that are tailored to the company's roadmap.

First, Capacity. Since its inception, PGNCOM has managed to increase fiber optic capacity. The second is Coverage, which is related to infrastructure coverage. And the third is Content from the application and platform side.

The PGNCOM transformation roadmap is divided into three phases. The first was when the company was founded in 2007, at which time the focus was on establishing the company's foundation as well as establishing a business focus. The next stage of transformation is product development through innovation. While the third transformation stage is in the form of business sustainability or sustainable business which is set after 2025 onwards

Strengthen Collaboration

Having a mission to develop telecommunications needs for the domestic and international markets, as well as to provide ICT solutions to support the progress of the PGN Group and various other energy industries, PGNCOM always optimizes collaboration with PGN as the parent company, fellow PGN subsidiaries, as well as other business entities.

One of the superior products from PGNCOM which is the result of collaboration from the energy sector in the form of gas produced by PGN is a digital smart meter which is an IoT system in the form of software and hardware that provides convenience in recording gas usage by utilizing various communication technologies.

Digital smart meters function to automate customer usage which is integrated with the company's billing and payment systems. With technology-based, customer measurement data is more valid and can be monitored in real time while supporting the recording of company revenues.

Laras also said that the use of smart meters will make it easier for customers to monitor consumption consumption so that this will improve the quality of customer service.

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